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The Front Row stage captured the spirit of Beautyworld, putting visitors right in the midst of the latest new developments in the industry.  Its key features were education, demonstrations & expert talks that combined over three days in a novel format that was engaging & entertaining at once, with representation from industry segments including hair, makeup, nails & beyond.  


The avant-garde setup celebrated the vibrant spirit of the industry like never before; bold, evocative & popping with colour & neon accents, the set design mirrored the constantly evolving trends & pulse of beauty, both internationally & closer to home.  


Hawke House with tasked with the design & delivery of the set, as well as the

management of the talent curation & show programme, engaging the assistance of

our friends at Dan Bolton.


DWTC, Dubai


Front Row Stage at Beautyworld
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Front Row at Beauty World - Time-lapse
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Timelapse video of the Front Row setbuild